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Everyone know what is Telegram. We are glad to announce native support Telegram in customer cabinet under RoboVPS®. From now all customers can receive important notification directly to their Telegram account.
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Published on: 29-09-2021, 14:27
From 20 Sep 2021 prices for Microsoft Windows licenses increased for 30%.
Published on: 20-09-2021, 11:04
Debian 11 automatic install implemented
Published on: 19-08-2021, 16:20
From today we offer for customers our free DNS servers.
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Published on: 17-08-2021, 19:45
We are glad to announce good news!

Begin from 28 June 2021 all customers order virtual servers after this date can upload and attach own ISO image independently!
Published on: 27-06-2021, 01:43
From 22 June 2021, price for each additional IPv4 address for all customers (new and existing) used dedicated servers will be increased to 2€ (monthly).
Published on: 22-06-2021, 16:22
Moving to ISPmanager 6 and price updating
Published on: 12-06-2021, 21:15
Updates in Oferta and TOS.
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Published on: 14-05-2021, 14:19
Due to limited number of IPv4 and increased cost we are need announce following changes:

From 12 May 2021, price for additional IPv4 address will increased for all customers (existing and new) used VPS and shared hosting services to 140 Russian Rubles (~1,55€).
Please understand that we remain old price within past two years untouched and our decision was required now.

Published on: 10-05-2021, 18:04
From now you can order VPS in Netherlands!
Published on: 20-04-2021, 01:25