Virtual servers - FREE DNS FOR CUSTOMERS

While you purchase RoboVPS VPS you don't need use 3rd party DNS or setup own on your server. You may use RoboVPS FREE DNS servers. 

Domain name servers (name servers, NS) used to support domain and make it resolved in the Internet. You can announce all the Internet that your domain now hosted in RoboVPS network by two ways:
  • setup А dns type records in existing dns on 3rd party DNS server,
  • switch NS to RoboVPS DNS servers.
If you want setup NS for existing VPS, please, login into your customer account choose, your VPS and click on button "Change". In dropdown menu "NS" choose «Серверы имён провайдера» and confirm changes.

When you compete above task, access information to login into DNS panel would be added into Инструкции for your VPS. If you order new VPS you can just choose RoboVPS DNS server during order process.

Service available only for VPS on actual plans:

If you facing any issue, please do not hesitate touch us!
Published on: 17-08-2021, 19:45