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Network (FTP) storage in Germany

FTP server

FTP server from ROBOVPS provide you space for holding, uploading, downloading any your data from all the world and from any device.

You can hold backup of your sites, servers by creating cron task for copying data to FTP server, upload your videosurvillance records and any other type of data.

FTP+TLS protocol give you secure and crypted connection without risk of capturing your data.

You can use included file manager to make modification in your data, rename, upload or download them right from your browser.

Connection speed of each FTP server account until 1 GBit.

In SELASTIC tariffs you can choose required disk space during order process from 1 GB upto 5 Tb. Also ROBOVPS allow you change space size anytime to more or less value without any downtime. Cost would be calculated automatically and manual intervention is not required. This allow you save money by using only space which you use.

FTP servers tariffs (S500GB, S1TB, S2TB, S5TB) with montly limit allow you order more space for less money.. You can switch your tariffs anytime without any downtime and with automatic calculation.

If you need more than 5000 GB - you can open ticket at customer portal.

Note: ROBOVPS NOT LIMIT data transfer: you can upload/download data so many time as you need. You don't need pay for traffic.

Network storage with disk space from 1 GB until 5000 GB (anytime and "on the fly")
early 3 
Network storage with disk space 500 GB.
FTP storage with disk space 1000 GB.
FTP server with disk space 2000 GB.
Network storage with disk space 5000 GB.