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What is VPS? What is dedicated server? How i could use them?

What is VPS server? This is termin which mean Virtual Private Server. Virtual server work in virtualised environment and used widely to provide customers with cheap and good alternative of  dedicated server. Virtualization help customers make upgrade/downgrade their server easily and without big downtime. It is also provide easy solution for data migration even between data-centers in different location.

When you buy VPS you get following features:

  • install any software per your choice to VPS ;
  • you can configure any system setting, without any restriction;
  • use any number of sites, domains, databases. you are restricted only by server RAM and disk space;
  • full control over all system processes, files and users - you are root user.

When you order virtual server on KVM virtualization you get guaranteed server RAM and disk space. Like on your PC. But you can upgrade RAM or disk anytime, as well as you can increase number vCPU.

When using VPS is suitable?

Usually VPS recommended for shared hosting customers when their sites is grow and shared environment restrict them by processor usage or memory and customer have not enough budget to switch to dedicated server. VPS is also cheap and good alternative to use as solution to resolve many specific problem. You can use it for setting uo dns, ftp, vpn server, host smart phone application and etc.


What is dedicated server and why you may need it?

Main point of using dedicated server is that this is specially designed for using in datacenters computer platform. It can work 24x7 within many years and only customer has full root access to it. No one can use your server only you use it all the time. If you need dedicated resources and full control over your computer - this is best solution.

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Published on: 14-09-2019, 14:06