GlobalSign SSL certificates, wildcard SSL
1299₽ /yearly
1499 ₽ old price
3299₽ /yearly
4199 ₽ old price
9999₽ /yearly
12999 ₽ old price
DV- the certificate is verified by sending a message to the contact email address of the domain owner.
EV- extended validation of the organization (the domain and documents of the legal entity that owns the domain are checked). In some browsers such certificates are highlighted in green in the browser address bar.
- unlimited reissue for free
- 2048 bit encryption key
- 256-bit encryption

SSL certificates from ROBOVPS allow you to reliably guarantee the security of data exchange.
Search engines started ranking sites with SSL certificates higher in search results.
Digital certificates can also be used to verify software and mailing addresses.
ROBOVPS offers SSL certificates of all available types at good prices.

When ordering on the website or from the client's cabinet, you will find everything you need to quickly issue a certificate.