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Generally speaking, the most adequate of the cheap hosting. Positive: good technical support, stable hardware and speed, clean non-spam IP addresses Cons: ancient admin interface, lack of micro-tariffs for VPS for proxy setup. (translated from Russian)
I have been working with this company for more than 8 years. I started with virtual hosting, where I still have several sites. And since 2019, for a more serious project, I also use a virtual RoboVPS server. I want to say right away that this is not my first hosting. Previously, I had the opportunity to use the services of Valuehost, SpaceWeb, Masterhost, etc. But in the end, this hoster "caught on" and the main merit in this is the technical support team. All issues are resolved promptly and, most importantly, when solving most issues, I find not a formal, but a human approach. In my opinion, there was not a single question that I did not get an exhaustive answer to, even if it required much more time from Rustelekom specialists than usual. And even the RoboVPS tariff plan was offered to me with individual characteristics, which fully met the task that still works on a virtual server. I hope nothing will prevent me from staying with this hosting provider any longer, and the
I've been with the company for a long time. Professionals in their field, modern, great guys. A wide range of services at reasonable prices. Technical support is at a high level, they will always help and prompt. I will continue to cooperate, only with them! (translated from Russian)
I want to say that I have been cooperating with Robovps for a long time, about a year, and everything suits me. I rent several virtual servers with different tariff plans and everything works fine, of course there were small technical failures, but with support we quickly solved them. The prices are also quite democratic compared to competitors, plus the convenience of payment. Great service, very satisfied! (Translated from Russian)
Well done, excellent VPS for a reasonable price! I will continue to cooperate :) Good luck to you!
I want to express my gratitude to the hoster. I have been using their archive tariff for 79 rubles for a long time. Despite the low cost of the VPS, everything works fine. I still don't know their technical support contacts. In general, I recommend it.
I definitely recommend Rustelekom. For everyone who is interested in the current topic of FZ-242 (the law on personal data) and data storage in the Russian Federation - Rustelekom has servers in a data center in Moscow. I think they will write about prices soon, but I want to say that this is a real alternative to Hetzner and Leaseweb. Plus, as always, support - the response time to any, even not very hot, question is 10 minutes. This is not Hetzner with his "we don't work on weekends".
I want to thank the Rustelekom team for their prompt work in eliminating a small DDOS attack. Everything was set up, shown and suggested a couple of points for the future! I am very glad that I am always in touch and find the best options for cooperation for clients!
Many thanks to the technical support staff, especially Ivan and Artemy. Once again - thanks guys, very helpful. P.S.: not all hosting services have such a technical support service!!! (Translated from Russian)
El Marshal Che
Many thanks to the technical support team. As we work, very specific questions arise. (Translated from Russian)

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