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Registration .ru domain on low price!.ru is country domain for Russian Federation
199  /year
early 399 
The .rf domain zone is available for registration by citizens of all countries.
199 /year
early 399
.su is one of the national domain zones of the Russian Federation. It stands for Soviet Union.
499 /year
early 599
.com is the most popular domain zone in the world.
1249 /year
The .net domain area is suitable for registering domains related to the web domain.
1169 /year
early 1800
.org (from the English organization - organization) is a common top-level domain. One of the first top-level domains, originally intended for non-profit organizations that do not meet the criteria of other domains. It is now used without restrictions and has become widespread on today's Internet. In particular, Wikipedia uses this domain.
1085 /year
early 1102
.info is a common top-level domain for information sites (currently used without restrictions). The domain zone was created on January 30, 2001. The .info domain was intended mainly for the registration of information resources, but now there are no restrictions. The possible number of characters in the .info domain is from 3 to 63.
465 /year
early 1189
.art is the art world’s digital domain, free of industrial and geographical constraints. It's a place where artists, institutions, professionals and creatives can register a clear and concise website address that reflects their occupation and belonging.
542 /year
early 1122
The .blog domain zone was opened for free registration in 2016 and has been gaining popularity ever since. The name speaks for itself - the zone was created for anyone who runs blogs or is somehow associated with them. If earlier users of the World Wide Web wondered in which domain zone to register a domain for their blog, the answer to this question is now obvious.
1085 /year
early 2512
Registering a .online domain demonstrates that you are easy to work with, that you are easy and quick to contact and that you can always count on help. A .online domain name is ideal for those who are always in touch and up-to-date with news, broadcasts, training, sales, surveys, tips, support. The term "online" is among the most recognized terms on the Web, signifying the immediacy, technology
224 /year
early 3574