Dedicated server in Russia
We offer only dedicated enterprise level servers from Dell EMC and HPE

(The server configuration can be changed upon your request to support)

Until April 30st, 2024, buy a server and get one month for free!
(Does not apply to promotional offers)
Dedicated servers in Germany Dedicated servers in Russia Dedicated servers in Finland
200₽ (~2 €) per month
Additional IPv4 address
449₽ (~4.4€) per month
ispmanager 6 Lite Control Panel (until 10 sites)
899₽ (~8.9 €) per month
ispmanager 6 Pro Control Panel (until 50 sites)
1349₽ (~13.4€) per month
ispmanager 6 Host Control Panel (unmetered)
2 ₽ (~0,01€) per month
Free with each server:
  • One IPv4 address
  • IPMI console
  • Server management panel
    (reboot, reinstall, rescue mode, traffic stats, etc.)
  • Free basic system administration
    (If you order commercial control panel)
Operational System:
Astra Linux (Орёл)Astra Linux (Орёл)
Arch LinuxArch Linux
AlmaLinuxAlmaLinux 8, 9
CentOSCentOS 7, 8 Stream, 9 Stream
DebianDebian 10, 11, 12
UbuntuUbuntu 20.04, 22.04
FreeBSD 13, 14FreeBSD 13, 14
Установка из образа Install any O/S from own ISO image