Updates in Oferta and TOS

In Oferta we change price for IPv4 address to reflect it's current price. Also we did required modification in TOS to reflect changes related to mining. 

Because new mining crypto currency Chia Coin and because similar technology may coming we apply following addition into TOS:

Mining, inclusion part or complete of RoboVPS services into distributive or dedicated mining system.

and also

Issue                                                    Enforcement       
Mining or any part of mining technology  Immediate and permanent suspension of the service.

We did above changes because even that mining always was resource hog, current situation with crypto currencies allow some people try to maining crypto on services which is not designed for this activity. Also mining Chia Coin and similar crypto currencies just destroy hardware resources of providers, make hardware unstable and non reliable, seriously downgrade speed of disk operations and affect to whole infrastructure stability.

We always control usage of all our equipment and establish it on high level of reliability. We need provide to customers best quality for reasonable fee.

Published on: 14-05-2021, 14:19