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How to move site to cPanel hosting

When you migrate your site you should check that domain resolve to our IP address (to do this you need change DNS to your domains to ours). Our DNS you can obtain from welcome message. 

Migrating or installing your site to cPanel hosting

Files migration

You need download files from old hosting to your PC (better in .zip archive), then you should upload archive to our hosting into folder /public_html (for cPanel your base public folder is /public_html. therefore file /home/userXXXX/public_html/index.php would be open in your browser at му URL).

Let's say that you have archive of your files and DB dump. You can upload them into our hosting by using cPanel file manager

When you open File manager you will see in left menu folders tree. At top of page you can see "Menu", where you need click to "Upload" to sent your archive to hosting.

That Menu allow you do other operation with your files and folders. You can enable dot files lisgtng (like .htaccess) in Settings menu item.

In left menu click to public_html. Then click on "Upload" button choose archive on your PC and click Submit.

When archive uploaded, select file and click Unpack

Archive now is unpacked and you can see your files, in this example this is WordPress site files . You need now wp-config.php — this is configuration file for WordPress. Please note to «Permissions» column, where you can see files permission. For files it should be – 644, for folders – 755. You can modify permission in related menu.

So, files was uploaded and now you can upload/import dump of your database.

MySQL database migration

In cPanel find «MySQL management» and follow Master instruction to create database and database user.

Указываем имя БД и переходим на «Следующий шаг»

Create MySQL username and generate password.

Important! Use «Password Generator», you must no use simple password like: «123QweRTy» or date of your birn.

cPanel use simple and reliable password generator, in Setting you can set additional value to get message about "highly reliable" password.

After setting password click on Create user.

Then mark All permission and click on Next

On last step cPanel offer you choose what you want to do and because we will not create any further database or database user you need just click to Return to main menu.

Now you need import your database from dump into newly created database. To do that choose phpMyAdmin in Database menu section.

In left window choose your database and click on Import link.

Om Import tab choose your file of dump and click Next

Usually you should use UTF-8 code for your database.

If everything completed without error, you will see message about successful impot and in left window you will see imported tables. At this time your database migration is done. 

Now you need open wp-config.php in File Manager, click on Edit and write down your database name, database username and his password, then click on Save and close file manager.

Now you can open your site and check how it work.

Published on: 13-04-2020, 18:40