What is ChatGPT and how to use it from "forbidden" countries

ChatGPT is an innovative software that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies to automatically generate text responses in chat mode for communication with users. Its use has great potential in various fields, such as business, education and healthcare, where quick solutions are required. 

However, access to ChatGPT for users from Russia and Belarus is limited due to both financial and legal restrictions. This is because users in these countries cannot pay for services provided by foreign developers and because of the ban on accessing certain regions. If you are from Russia, Belarus, or another country, and have difficulty accessing ChatGPT, we can offer a solution through renting virtual servers in Germany. 

However, it is worth noting that some developers use not only IP addressing geolocation, but also other methods, such as recognizing system language, browser language, time zone, and even phone number, to restrict access. In such cases, a Windows or graphical shell for Linux may be required.

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已出版: 3-05-2023, 23:59