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Django VPS

Django - is opensource framework for  web application designed on Python and use project MVC template. Project supported by Django Software Foundation.  Django site based on one or few independent application which can be included into site.

Django used in many well known sites like a Instagram, Disqus, Mozilla, The Washington Times, Pinterest, YouTube, Google.

Django receipt automatically setup ready to use environment and install framework.

Details about Django setup on VPS

During setup fresh framework version installed used Python packet manager — pip. You can find folder for Django environment in /var/www/django/venv.
Django run using nginx + uwsgi. MySQL server also insalled. MySQL admin password listed in file /root/.my.cnf, therefore you don't need fill it manually.
After completion of install Django will accessible by address: http://your_server_IP_address/.

To run your own Django project, you need upload your project files into folder /var/www/django/project/<project name>, replace "mysite" to your "project name" in nginx (/etc/nginx/conf.d/django.conf) and uwsgi (/etc/uwsgi.d/django.ini или /etc/uwsgi/app-enabled/django.ini configuration files. Path to above files may be different in different O/S so consult with your O/S documentation.

If your Django will work with MySQL database you should create it manually as usual.
After completion all changes restart nginx and uwsgi:
service nginx restart 
service uwsgi restart

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