TeamSpeak VPS

TeamSpeak is a program designed for voice communication on the Internet via VoIP technology. It differs from a classic phone by an almost unlimited number of subscribers talking at the same time. Most of all, it looks like a multi-channel walkie-talkie, in which you can simultaneously use several channels. At the same time, all options developed earlier for the convenience of using walkie-talkies in standard conditions are available. Programs of this type are intended primarily for gamers, but can be used wherever voice communication and coordination of a large group of people are needed. The quality of communication and the number of subscribers directly depends on the selected plan and is related to the amount of memory in it.

TeamSpeak version 3 is automatically installed, as well as the ts3-cp control panel.

Teamspeak is installed in the /home/teamspeak/ts3 directory on the server, and the control panel is installed in the /var/www or /var/www/html folder (depending on the selected operating system).

After installation, the control panel will be available at http://SERVER_IP/.

The data for accessing TeamSpeak is located on the server in the /root/ts3_login_data file.

Additional information:

In all the listed plans, VPS for TeamSpeak is included for free at one IPv4 and IPv6 address. Technical support is provided free of charge within the framework of the regulations.

Additional IPv4 addresses for your VPS can be issued in the amount of up to 16 pieces. Additional IPv4 addresses are issued automatically, the cost of one IPv4 address is: 140 ₽ (monthly).

IPv6 addresses are issued automatically, the cost is 1 ₽ for 1 IP (monthly).

Traffic is not taken into account.

Ordering, payment and receiving server data

Click the order button next to the selected VPS plan for TeamSpeak, register an account, verify your mobile phone number, and an account will be created for you for.

Select the appropriate payment method and make the payment. After that, you will receive an email notification about the successful payment of the order and preliminary information about the ordered server will appear in your personal account.

After installing the server, in a few minutes, you will receive an email notification that the server is activated and ready to work. In this case, the data for connecting to the server will appear in the personal cabinet. Everything is ready! Now you can connect to your VPS, record access data to TeamSpeak and connect to it at  http://SERVER_IP/.

Technical support

In addition to free technical support, there is a paid technical support that is available for 1000 ₽/hour. The minimum paid time is 30 minutes. Reinstalling O\C is available to the user from the panel in automatic mode.

What can't be done on the server

It is forbidden on the server:

To send out any SPAM mailings

Scan networks

Engage in activities prohibited by law

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